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Please take some time to get to know our sponsors and supporters for the P3 Hub South 2017. For more information on sponsorship for this P3 Hub event and for our future P3 Hub Events please contact KirstyWilson on kirsty.wilson@p3bulletin.com or +44 20 3735 5662, or +1 347 708 0393

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    Mattos Filho is structured to provide clients with top-notch services in various legal areas in a coordinated and integrated manner. We allocate the best available resources to meet our clients’ specific demands, working in multidisciplinary teams whenever necessary. This work dynamic allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients and enhance our understanding of their business. 

    We are leaders in approximately 30 legal practice areas and work to ensure that all these areas are a benchmark for the market. While our practices are always evolving, it is also part of our strategy to create new business fronts. 

    Our clients include domestic and foreign corporations, financial institutions, investors, multilateral agencies, investment funds, pension funds, insurers and reinsurers and non-proft organizations.

    Mattos Filho is headquartered in São Paulo, and have offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, New York and London.

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    We help our clients excel by transforming ideas and plans into tangible results. With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Project Controls, Project Management and Construction Management, we actively advise, assist, and support our clients from inception through completion of complex projects.

    We are committed to developing long-lasting, trust-based relationships as the cornerstone of our business. As an international consulting firm headquartered in Puerto Rico with a Central and South American hub in Panama, we cultivate transparency and collaboration into our professional culture, fostering an entrepreneurial environment in which our project teams create innovative solutions to the most complex issues. At CPM, we develop specific management strategies and implement processes to safeguard our clients’ interests, maximizing value and minimizing potential risk.

    We focus in the strategic drivers of a project and track them from its conceptualization, through its execution. CPM’s project management knowledge and skills enable us to assemble interdisciplinary teams to aid our clients through all phases of a project.  On those occasions where specialized external expertise is required, we will assemble work groups specifically tailored to successfully perform the required functions.

    At CPM, we turn your vision into reality.

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    The International Project Finance Association (IPFA) is an independent, not-for-profit, professional members’ association dedicated to providing up-to-date information on best practice, industry trends and new developments in infrastructure and energy. IPFA operates globally across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia & the CIS and Turkey giving members access to an international network of over 600 public and private sector organisations.

    We host a continuous programme of over 100 industry events which are free for members to attend and offer a unique opportunity to network with senior, decision making professionals, across the industry. We hold Future Leaders Network (FLN) events that are specifically targeted at members in junior positions. Other benefits include taking advantage of discounted training courses, facilitated introductions, access to webinars and a wide range of industry documents and publications.

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    The Partnerships Bulletin and P3 Bulletin are magazines and websites providing in-depth updates on partnership working between the public and private sector to procure, build and manage public infrastructure. 

    Each hard-copy edition of P3 Bulletin (Americas) and Partnerships Bulletin (International) includes news, interviews with the top industry figures, in-depth market reports on partnership sectors and industry authored articles covering transport, waste, education, healthcare, housing, courts and leisure. Plus, the magazines include a Business Leads section - giving you information about projects before they are even advertised.

    Subscription to all three websites also gives you unlimited access to constantly updated news stories, features and searchable Project Tracker.

    The websites and magazines are essential reading for industry professionals to help them make informed decisions and remain at the cutting edge of partnerships and infrastructure business information.